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Framed Shower Glass Door Repair or Replacement in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Framed Shower Door Installation and Replacement

Framed shower doors are the most accessible option for bringing added style and sophistication to your bathroom space. Our Framed shower doors utilize clean lines and elegant designs. We carry two types of framed shower doors - Framed and Semi-Frameless. Both products are very similar in cost, with the Semi-Frameless shower doors providing a cleaner, more up-to-date look.

Framed Shower Door Design and Installation

The majority of our framed shower doors we sell are Semi-Frameless. Our framed shower doors can be customized with a wide range of glass and hardware options, and are designed specifically for your exact application to guarantee a proper fit that will last through the years.

Our range of framed showers is a unique solution for your bathroom. Because they are framed they are strong and easy to keep clean with no messy corners. framed shower doors have a clean aesthetic appeal and create a nice finishing touch to your bathroom.

Framed shower door installation, repair, replacement|Virginia Glass Pro

Single Framed Shower Door Repair and Replacement

Framed shower door installation, repair, replacement|Virginia Glass Pro

Inline Framed Shower Door Repair and Replacement

Framed shower door installation, repair, replacement|Virginia Glass Pro

90-Degree Framed Shower Door Repair and Replacement

Framed shower door installation, repair, replacement|Virginia Glass Pro

Neo angle Framed Shower Door Repair and Replacement

Options :

  • 1/4″ Thick Tempered Glass
    Whenever possible, we use the 1/4″ glass instead of the standard 3/16″ glass, which keeps our doors feeling solid and wobble free.
  • Classic 1-1/4″ Wide Molding
    Our wide moldings are nearly 1/8″ thick and fastened with heavy-duty screws. With this superior support system and materials, you can rest assured that your Virginia Glass Pro Classic Shower Door will not become loose or sag.
  • Solid Operation
    With 12 lb. magnet closures and heavy 5/16″ piano hinges; these fully framed brass shower doors feature a solid feel that will last decades.
  • Durability
    Heavy 5/16″ piano hinge is the heaviest on the market. Glass is securely seated to a depth of 9/16″ into the glass molding for superior support. Virginia Glass Pro Classic shower doors will not become loose or sag over time.
  • Highest Quality Waterproofing System
    Seals are screw-fastened for long-term durability and waterproofing – No flimsy peel-and-stick rubber seals.
  • Many Plated Finishes
    Oil rubbed-bronze, antique or polished brass finishes are all treated with a durable powder coat clear sealer. We will even match a sample you provide.

We begin by meeting with you to understand your Custom framed Shower Door vision. We then develop a series of designs that increasingly hone the concept into a product that we can confidently install and ensure will function as beautifully as it looks.

Finally, we can walk through the variety of options available to give you the elegance and functionality you want in your shower for years to come. So call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate at (202) 492-0676.

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