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Glass Stairs Are Tough And Durable

If the thought of stepping on glass makes you nervous not comfortable, you’ll be happy to learn that glass stairs aren’t made from just any glass. Only highly durable, tempered architectural-grade, laminated glass is used in these applications. This glass has been chemically treated, laminated, and tempered to increase its strength. It is strong enough to support its own weight and the weight of the people who walk on it. Glass stairs are thick and finished not to be slippery. They are often combined with stainless steel supports for added strength. All of our glass staircases and handrail systems are installed by our fully qualified and experienced team.

Add A Touch Of Elegance To Any Room With A Glass Staircase From Virginia Glass Pro

Impress your visitors with a clean and elegant glass staircase or railing from Virginia Glass Pro. We will design the glass steps to your exact specifications and in accordance with all building code requirements. Contact us to discuss your project and obtain a free, custom quote.

We offer a whole range of grip rails, hand rails for the top to choose from. Call us today ( (202) 492-0676 ) for a free estimate or send us an email through our contact form. Please allow 24 Hours for an email reply.

From simple residential balconies, to custom staircases, or even large commercial projects; we are confident that we will find the right system for you. Our balustrades are manufactured to American Safety Standards and Building Regulations, providing you with a quality structural stainless or glass balustrade that is second to none. Any commercial or residential building requires railings, both for safety and design considerations. These railings can be placed indoor or outdoor for stairs, swimming pools, decks, wind breaks, decorative items and many others. If you are searching for glass panel railing system, then you needn’t look any further! Aluminum railings with glass panels are a cost-efficient and future-proof alternative to the traditional wooden ones. By choosing our glass railing products every client is making the right choice for a maintenance free, long term investment, adding value and beauty to any property.

The professional glass technicians of Virginia Glass Pro want to help you with your next residential or commercial glass project.

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